Winter is coming!! – Why should we invest in clean energy?

Winter is coming!! – Why should we invest in clean energy?

26 Oct 2022   |    2367

The trend of the world moving towards clean energy makes clean energy more interesting in many ways such as investment and consumption. Therefore, this article will discuss what clean energy is, its advantages, and whether is it worth investing in.

What is clean energy

  • the energy that comes from renewable, zero-emission sources that do not pollute the atmosphere when used.

Types of clean energy

  • Water Energy
  • Wind Energy
  • Solar Energy
  • Geothermal Energy
  • Biomass Energy

Advantages of clean energy

  • Renewable
  • Eco-friendly, help to reduce pollution
  • Stimulate an economy as an investment incentive, reduce import fuel due to the use of products from natural sources that can be produced by themselves

Is investing in the clean energy business interesting?

  • Since Joe Biden won the election, the global stock market continued to rise more than 15%, with most investors in the same direction as investing in the theme of reflation.
  • Investors are also interested in President Joe Biden's policies, in rejoining the Paris Agreement to address climate change. including various green policy push plans and promoting clean energy to replace fossil fuels in the long run
  • With the support of large countries and many parties, investors are starting to see more and more interest in clean energy and invest more. Since the beginning of the year in the ETF market, there has been an influx of money into the clean energy sector. alternative energy Electric and autonomous vehicles totaled $15.8 billion last year, and $6.5 billion since the beginning of the year. With continued money inflows, the clean energy ETF rose in a range of 10-25%, more than the 4% increase in global stock markets.

Clean energy can be invested in many ways such as

  • Renewable Energy
    • The International Energy Agency predicts that renewable energy will be the main source of energy instead of fossil fuel in producing electricity in 2025 which can be counted as ⅓ of total energy with solar energy as the main key factor.
  • Electric Vehicle 
    • Goldman Sachs and Deloitte estimate that the sale of EVs will be rise 18% per year and 29% in 10-20 years from now
  • Infrastructure
    • Apart from energy producers, infrastructure is also important and supports the growth of alternative energy and electric vehicle supply chains, such as semiconductors, hardware and software manufacturers, battery mining, high voltage transmission line, and electric charging station.

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