About Deepscope

Deepscope uses AI/ML to analyze the entire stock market and deliver the best quality stocks that beat the market for investors/brokers/funds.

Yes, Deepscope and Setscope are the same company, Setscope had changed the company name to Deepscope in 2016. Also now Deepscope was granted Investment Advisory license and the company name is changed to Deepscope Investment Advisory Securities Co., Ltd.

Deepscope does not have any mobile application services for now.


1. Scan for investing opportunity, compare stocks among sectors to spot high quality stock.
2. Shows the best performing stocks with different measuring criteria.
3. In-depth stock analysis, with an accurate summary that is easy to understand.
4. Elaborate comprehensive portfolio analysis that enable you to make better decision.

Deepscope does not have stock market analyst in other country, but we will be including foreign stock market analyst in the future.

Deepscope is focusing on investment advisory. We could analyze and recommend mutual/private fund issued by fund management companies. We also help fund companies setup funds for the customers but these funds are legally managed by the licensed fund companies, not Deepscope.


You can find Deespcope tutorial in ‘Manual’
or Video tutorial in ‘Video Tutorials’ on the right top menu.

Following the steps.
1. Click ‘Setting’ on the right top menu.
2. Go to ‘Specific Settings’ section and click the on-off switch to enable Social Features.
3. Name you social name or click Auto Generate (it will take names from your account to be used as social name)
4. Click ‘Save / Update Info’.

  Deepscope PRO

All users can use all features but the system of Free user shows fewer data than PRO users.

Click ‘GET PRO’ on Menu Bar, then select PRO plan as you prefer.

1. Go to ‘Setting’ on the right top menu, then click unsubscription.

Please see package price for each plan at: Membership Sign-Up